About us

About Us

Who we are?

U homes is a legacy of Kalhari Builders (Private) Limited which is predominantly catering for individual clients since 2017. The establishment of U homes is a turning point in the Sri Lankan history of construction as it transformed the ordinary tiring construction experience into an extraordinary lively one. Moreover, our priority is given to the preference of clients and our team is dedicated to make sure that their dreams come true within a short time period.

Furthermore, the passion of our skilled staff comprising engineers, design consultants, quantity surveyors, technical officers and construction force is to ensure a perfect service to our clients and thereby creating a memorable experience in their life.

What we do?

The reputation that we have established throughout these years is an evidence of the skills and originality of U homes. We have been doing numerous individual projects over the time focusing constant individual attention for each and every project and also ensuring the completion of the work within expected timelines. Moreover, we possess the necessary plant and machinery which are required to deliver a better service for the customers.

Furthermore, our team is wholeheartedly engaged in every project thereby maintaining a continuous communication with clients during each phase of the project in order to ensure reliability. Moreover, we take extra efforts to ensure that our projects are delivered in high standards with everlasting quality. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us today itself and make U homes an integral part to fulfill the desire of your dream house.